Best practices for Blink Babes
General lash care


Shampoo lashes daily and immediately prior to your appointment – Watch our video to learn how.

NO OILS (including natural): Oils break the adhesive bond from your eyelash extension to your natural lash. If the adhesive bond is weak, you’ll lose lashes quicker than we want! With this in mind, choose oil free facial cleansers and lotions. Any gel, cream, or pencil eyeliners are a big no no. Only use felt or pen tipped liners or powder with a dampened brush.
AVOID touching your lashes with your fingers since we naturally produce oils in our body. This transfers dirt, oil and bacteria to your lashes. Some people have more oily skin then others so it’s crucial to follow aftercare to keep the adhesive strong!

SWEAT/HUMIDITY: Yogis, Spinners, runner and sauna/steam room soakers, this is for you: The salt in our sweat breaks down the adhesive just like oils do. If your daily HIIT makes sweat drip down your face, or if you get to play in the ocean, rinse those lashes off right after! Extension cleanser, baby shampoo, even saline solution will help wash the salt away. Humidity on the other hand is harder to control and it is definitely not your lashes friend. No saunas ever but if you are going to Mexico or Hawaii, basically accept your fate and schedule fills directly before and after your trip. Also, if tragedy strikes and you are crying… will probably lose most of your lashes. Nothing can hold up to constant tears! Don’t worry, this too shall pass and we will get those lashes back in action.


BRUSH DAILY: This may seem like a given, but brushing your lashes on a daily basis can be one of the easiest ways to make sure your lashes last. By brushing them daily, you not only ensure that your lashes look their best, but it stimulates new lashes growth. Can you over do it? Yes, yes you can. Calm down and try to only brush them once or twice a day.

Why is it important to wash your lashes? Natural oils, debris, old skin, all of these will get trapped in your lash line and affect your retention. If you do neglect cleaning your lashes, it can very likely lead to some gross outcomes (hint: Google “lash mites”).

HOW DO YOU WASH?:  An extension safe foam cleanser and a fluffy soft eyeshadow brush will be your best friend. Use circular motions and rinse well.

NO MASCARA NEVER USE MASCARA WITH VOLUME/HYBRID LASHES: If you feel like you need to apply even just a little bit to get you to your next fill….you are waiting too long in between your fills! Mascara is all oil, folks. Even applying it for ONE day will forever close your fans up and begin breaking down the glue. Think of it like applying polish remover to a fresh mani, you wouldn’t dare!

SLEEP HABITS: Try not to sleep on your face. This can make your lashes fall out. Side sleepers can make those beautiful outer lashes fall off sooner than later open the favored side. Get a satin pillowcase! Hands down, this purchase is so worth it.

HOT, HOT HEAT!: With all the fun activities out in the sun during the day and campfires at night, there’s a lot of heat going around. And with all this heat can lead to your lashes melting. Have you ever felt like the tips of your lashes are singed or hard to brush because they catch, MELTED.
So don’t get too close to anything with a lot of heat (campfires, ovens, and even in rare cases, hair dryers that are going full blast). Volume lashes are especially susceptible to melting since they are much smaller.
Once your lashes are exposed to this kind of heat, there’s no amount of combing or magic that’s going to fix it. You will have to get a removal and new set! *cue tears*

Eyelash curlers? Nope, never. These can permanently kink the extensions and break your natural lash where the adhesive is applied.
Strip lashes? Just say no. That stretchy DUO glue will yank those beautiful lashes off and I guarantee you will come to your next appointment with leftover gooey gunky glue in the roots of your lashes, making for a difficult fill and not even time to get them to 100% again.
Spray tans? Wait at least 24 hours before and after lash application. If you spray tan the day of your lash appointment, the eyepads and my hands resting on your face will pull that tan right off!


1-hour Prep- come makeup free After Care-

1.Do NOT get brows wet for 48 hours

2.brush in nourishing oil or serum such as coconut or castor oil daily 3.brush brows up daily (when wet brush into the direction you like them to lay)

LASH LIFT: 1-hour Prep-arrive makeup-free with freshly washed lashes Aftercare- 1. Do NOT wet for 48 hours 2. Brush daily 3. apply a nourishing oil nightly